The Story

A quick story about NEU

One day on a long motorcycle trip in picturesque Mendocino National Forest, our founder had an accident on a dirt trail deep in the forest and broke his left foot. "I just lost focus and was drained from a long few days of riding...I was caught off guard". He patiently waited for 2 hours in the middle of bear country while help came.

“I need to take my mind off this injury”, and maybe because he was hyped up on the burst of natural adrenaline in the bloodstream from the injury, he came up with an interesting idea…

 "What if there are natural compounds that can sharpen focus, improve clarity, uplift mood, in ways that no mainstream "energy" drink could. What if they can be crammed in a small bottle, convenient to bring on adventures, and be effective on the first go.”

 Having a background in Chemistry and Biology from UCLA he grabbed a twig nearby and started scribbling in the dirt.

Well, help came in the form of a helicopter and as the dust began blowing around from the chop he quickly whipped out the iPhone and took a picture of his notes.

While recovering, he took his notes and began his research. He called on food scientists, manufacturers, chemists, nootropics users. “This is becoming a reality”…

NEU was born.