Employee Bonus Program

Important:  By participating in the Employee Bonus Program you agree to the following terms and conditions. The employee bonus program is an exclusive in-store only program that is not an added discount for store owners. All bonus money must be paid to employees that are working the floor and selling to customers. This is NOT an online or .COM program.

To receive a bonus payout, the card must have exactly 12 or 24 stickers. Bonus payouts will not be issued for cards that do not have exactly 12 or 24 stickers. PayPal payouts are sent to store employees with a valid PayPal account. Checks are sent to store employees at store address only. Employee bonus cards are nontransferable. Bonus Cards have no monetary value and payouts are on a discretionary basis. 

Bonus cards that are not completed for our policy, unfortunately cannot be processed. These cards will be voided.

If stickers are lost, replacement stickers can not be reissued.

We reserve the right to amend payout, terms, and/or any condition of the Employee Bonus Program at any time, however we will attempt to give adequate notice prior to any change.

If you have any questions, please email us at team@drinkneu.com.