NEU Brings Nootropics to Energy Shots

Open Box of NEU

Walnut Creek, CA (February 17, 2017) — NEU is one of the first energy shots to bring an ultra-premium Nootropic drink to market.

NEU MIND, LLC, whose slogan is Have The Advantage™, was started to share with the world premium functional drinks that improve cognitive and physical performance. Their first drink is NEU Nootropic Boost, a specially formulated 2 ounce nootropic shot filled with “brain vitamins” that improve focus, uplift mood, and boost energy without leaving the user feeling overly stimulated.

Salim Sweiss, who studied Biology at UCLA, is the founder of NEU MIND, LLC and created the liquid nootropic formula while recovering from a motorcycle accident. Salim joined forces with Jonathan Perlstein, a veteran in film production and film finance who helped market the drink and expanded their retail presence.

Taking on the design challenge to showcase that performance drinks can be sleek and sophisticated without being kitschy is the award winning design firm, McLean Design, headed by design veteran Ian Mclean, known for the iconic Monster Energy logo.

Drink NEU is manufactured in to NSF® cGMP standards in California, and is a Non-GMO, Vegan, Dairy and Gluten Free product. For more information visit

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