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NEU hits the Tracks

NEU hits the Tracks

Need a boost? Travis Milburn blows past the competition.

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Who NEU?

Nootropics are "brain vitamins" that improve focus, memory, motivation, & mood. NEU is the first RTD Nootropic beverage that contains 9 all-natural cognitive enhancers and was created by our founder, a Biologist/Chemist from UCLA.

12-Pack NEU Nootropic Energy Boosts | Tropical Punch

    NEU contains compounds that increase dopamine and noradrenaline which improve mood and motivation.

    L-theanine (found in Green Tea) helps increase brain alpha-waves. Optimal focus and mental performance exist when the mind is in the Alpha State.

    Our liquid formula uses premium nootropics that cross the blood brain barrier, delievering nutrients to where it's needed the most, your brain.

    NEU contains more nootropics per serving than any other product on the market.

NEU Racing | Have the Advantage®

Travis Milburn #19 PCS Velocity Racing

A Revolutionary Formula

No other formula comes close, that's why we are 100% transparent with it.
Powerful Nootropics
Each 2 oz drink contains a powerful stack of highly absorbable bioactive nootropics
Transparent Labeling
All ingredients and weights are listed on every label. What you see is what you get.
Vegan - Gluten Free - NON-GMO - Dairy Free - No Artificial Sweeteners or Flavors & only 18 calories per serving.
California Love.
Manufactured in California in a state-of-the-art NSF® cGMP certified facility. Packaging is also manufactured in California.

Does it work?

Hear about the results of these amazing professionals who work hard, play hard, and train hard.

Whether I'm at the gym or in the office NEU gives me the drive and focus to concentrate on the tasks at hand. It's far beyond energy supplementation. The nootropic stack actually uplifts my mood. That's crazy! It gets me through the grueling workouts and the uneventful business meetings just the same!
I am very impressed with NEU. It provides mental stimulation without feeling edgy or anxious. The effects last for hours and I haven't experienced a crashing effect. Works great for my days that require me to be on my A game. Thanks!
I finally get the hype! I can be dead-beat tired from an overnight shift and NEU gives me the guilt-free boost I need for my intense workouts. It gives the focus without the jitters and the energy without the comedown. All in that little bottle! So much better than energy drinks or pre-workout shakes. Thanks NEU!
NEU is a great product to use in many different situations, whether you need energy to get through your workout or work or school, it can definitely do the job to help you get through it.
When I'm either making a film, jumping out of planes or charging down the mountain, I always have a NEU in my bag. It's sufficient energy, long lasting, and non-carbonated. During extremely long hours of either creating new content or high intensity training, NEU is my go-to over any other energy beverages on the market. No jitters, no comedown, just pure energy!
I take NEU before every Muay Thai fight. It's part of the ritual for me. The clarity and focus I have in the ring gives me the advantage.